Get Involved

Donate Scrap

Like wombles we are always looking for more scrap to turn into exciting things.

We particularly like clean, colourful scraps but are willing to look at most things.

If you want to drop items off too us then give us a call and check someone is there. If you want us to pick things up we can do that too.

If you represent a local business that generates waste on a regular basis and you think we would be interested (and we probably will be) then one of our team can come and have a look to see how we can work together.

Donate Funds

Donate funds to us via Localgiving


Our project is run entirely by volunteers and we are keen to welcome people to the team.


A couple of hours a week as a volunteer means we can open our doors more often.

During that time you might sort scrap, do some admin, create new ideas of things to make with the resources, or get involved with our growing selection of activities we offer.


The Scrapstore has an ever changing stock and it is a big challenge to stay on top of keeping it tidy and safe. We have one off sorting days with a big skip outside and we love extra help on those days (we even feed people)


We are a small team of people who are very committed to maintaining the vision of YEAST scrapstore as we grow. Most of our trustees have been volunteers first as it is a good way to know whether you want to get involved but please do talk to the team if this is something that interests you. Particularly we have been given a heads up that we will need a new treasurer for April 2018.


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