Welcome to our brand new website- please be patient with us as it is not quite finished- thank you




We are keen to welcome volunteers to get involved with the work of YEAST Scrapstore.

Can you offer a couple of hours a week to come and sort scrap?

Do you like being involved with children’s activities?

It is always helpful to have more adults on hand to help children create their masterpieces, you will be required to undertake a DBS check and some safeguarding training.

Can you offer your experience to our board to trustees?

We are a small team of people who are very committed to maintaining the vision of YEAST scrapstore as we grow. Most of our trustees have been volunteers first as it is a good way to know whether you want to get involved but please do talk to the team if this is something that interests you.


Like wombles we are always looking for more scrap to turn into exciting things.

We particularly like clean, colourful scraps but are willing to look at most things.

If you want bring scrap to us please give us a call and check someone is there.

If you want us to collect items from you we can sometimes do that too.

If you represent a local business that generates waste on a regular basis and you think we would be interested (and we probably will be) then one of our team can come and have a look to see how we can work together.

Please be aware that sometimes what you offer us might not be suitable for the scrapstore – We will however always try to advise you as to where else you might take things in order that they are properly recycled. 

We definitely do not take used food containers, glass bottles and jars, clothing or bedding 

Please DO NOT leave scrap on our doorstep – we are not always there to take it in. 


Like every small charity we constantly need to raise funds to maintain our building and our services. We like to offer some of our activities at no cost to the user however in order to do this we rely on donations from our supporters to make this happen.


  • You can either donate via our localgiving page.
  • You can send us a cheque made out to YEAST Scrapstore Ltd 
  • You can pop in and drop some coins into our purple donation pots 

If you would like your donation to go towards one of specific projects such as the outside ramp and garden, the warmbank or children’s activities please do give us a call, drop in and have a chat or send us a message through the contact form.